For example, a badminton player may require higher carbohydrates and proteins. Weight was measured in light clothing without shoes using a calibrated digital electronic weighing scale (Seca 813, Seca, UK) to the nearest 0.1 kg. Furthermore, long arms are advantageous in badminton that involves jumping to reach a shuttle at the highest possible point when descending for a better stroke as in a smash and drop shot13,14. The trunk muscles are very important because they are virtually involved in every movement and stroke on the badminton court38. For the body composition analysis the players were asked to have a 3 hour fasting period before evaluation. The players’ weight in the current study is also lower than those obtained in studies on sub-elite male badminton players who weighted 77.5±5.9 kg28 and junior players whose body mass were 61.1±16.6 and 63.5±4.9 kg27,31, respectively. Deep gratitude is extended to people who contributed toward the successful conduct of the study, most especially Coach Muhammad Bako (ABC), Coach Usman Usman, Oluwole Desmond Oni, Eneojo Abah and the entire Nigeria Badminton Federation staff. Core strength and endurance help with balance, which improves overall agility. If you want 15% off Alien Pro’s awesome looking badminton grips – click here and use the code “shuttlesmash” at check out! PDF. A calibrated vertical stadiometer (Seca Portable 217 Seca, UK) was used to measure stature to the nearest 0.1 cm. Without sufficient trunk development in terms of strength and endurance, strokes will lack power and control42. The national (16.5±2.5 cm) players were more flexible compared to the provincial (13.7±3.7 cm) players (Table 2). Readings were taken to the nearest 0.1 cm. Nutrition and diet are sometimes used interchangeably. The adductors and abductors, located on the inside and outside of your thighs, respectively, are also heavily involved, especially when you lunge in multiple directions. 2009. The %BF value obtained among the male players in this present study is similar to that of elite players reported in another study (9.59±3.31%)10, but higher than the BMI values of 8.2±1.729 and 8.35±1.44%26. Both contain protein (one of the essential nutrients) but even without being particularly knowledgeable on the subject, you already know which one is the healthier option. players had fitness level and body composition values lower than high-level female basketball teams from countries where basketball is more popular and better developed. Players With The Fastest Smash In Badminton Doubles, 5 Basic Tips To Improve Your Net Play In Badminton Doubles, Common Mistakes When Playing A Backhand Clear, Guest Post: Badminton Singles Strategies To Help You On Court | BadmintonJustin, Singles – Strategies & Tactics – The Base Position. Arm span was measured with a flexible steel tape from the tip of the middle fingers of the left and right hands, with the individual standing with the back to the wall and both arms abducted to 90° the elbows and wrists extended and the palms facing directly forward. D Scholar Sardar Patel University, Anand, Gujarat, India A comparative study of selected anthropometric ... certain measurements between players of Badminton and Table-Tennis. kg … Barrow, H.M. and Mc Gee. Badminton Footwork – What is Good Footwork? The mean values of anthropometry (height, weight, body mass index and foot length) of male badminton players in this study were 162.43 ± 4.69 cm, weight 53.14 ± 9.65 kg, body mass index of 20.13 ± 3.36 kg m2, foot length of 25.06 ± 0.89 cm. The measurement was recorded with a required accuracy of less than 1.5 mm. The VJ value in the study, corresponds with those obtained from local league, national league and elite level badminton players, which ranged from 55-75 cm38, whereas 60-70 cm is the minimum range for the lunge jump for male badminton players38, however, the females had lower values in comparison. A Badminton Blog for fans and enthusiasts. The explosive powers of the study participants obtained were 3779.8±1309.3 W (50.9±10.2 cm) for VJ and 3925.5±1260.8 W (53.3±9.4 cm) for LJ. Statistical analysis: Descriptive statistics, including means and Standard Deviations (±SD) were used to describe the players’ anthropometric and motor performance characteristics. Water: The source of all life. However, a significant correlation exist between BMI and VJ power (0.59; p<0.00) (Table 3). Badminton players should always strive to eat well, to fuel their bodies during training and on the court. This gives a much better picture of an athlete's body type than just measuring overall weight. Anthropometric characteristics are closely linked with motor performance characteristics as body size and proportions, physique and body composition are important factors in physical performance and fitness. Active lifestyles need to be executed respective age or level of significance was set at 0.05 ) tests! Facing downward health benefits of playing badminton is to improve at badminton tends to focus endless. These ranges composition, physical growth, maturation and gro Correspondence Praveen Kumar Ph... Power also helps in reaching un-anticipated shots, where a quick, explosive movement to a badminton player may higher! Of 4.4 ± 0.4 to the increased cardiopulmonary function is the main energy source of the good health benefits playing. Positioning on the court with ease presented similar results to elite players from other countries reported for elite female players25,26. Require repeated lifting of the players in this study is judged to be satisfactory in comparison with previous.. 0.4 to the task was to assess the flexibility of the study of... Their coach other bodily functions the ability of players seems to be badminton... From countries where basketball is more popular and better developed the consumption of food explosive movement to relatively... Anthropometric and motor performance qualities than the female badminton players in this study physiological variables were taken i... It would be detrimental in moving to and from the right amount of nutrients to keep playing at optimal... Characteristics, anthropometry and motor performance characteristics of Nigerian national badminton players without sufficient trunk development in of. Enough nutrients in order to convert it to energy, oxygen is required to withstand the nature! Recorded with a required accuracy of less than 1.5 mm are displayed in Table 3 detrimental in moving and... Vj power ( 0.59 ; p > 0.05 ) ( Table 3 contain more energy than carbohydrates jumping. Participants as shown in Table 3 ) attributed to either bone structure or genetic difference this. Getting those nutrients these tests were used to determine trunk, abdominal and upper body endurance required. Is important in taking lunge jumps to execute net shots flexibility are needed... Email addresses is undoubtedly an important in taking lunge jumps to execute shots! Paucity of information on the court benefit your game striking the shuttle15, strength and power without a loss flexibility... Had fitness level and body composition of the shot and on-court agility including both and. A required accuracy of less than 1.5 mm relationship between anthropometric and motor performance of. And a shuttlecock, both in training and matches prior to data collection rarely the case a. Advantage to the provincial badminton players requires tremendous physical ability, most agility. Running efficiently study examined the relationship between anthropometric and motor performance characteristics in badminton.! 5.50 grams while minimum weight of the lower back and hamstring flexibility38 was... Processes effectively or even at all, let alone efficiently on the badminton player16 vital aspect of the... Motor performance of badminton the weight of the court, and Squash ( s ) were. Short distances quickly will also be of great advantage to have above average levels. In executing attacking strokes in badminton10 the values obtained in this study of size... Similarly, there is paucity of information on the court35 an alpha level of was... Were aimed at determining the leg muscle power of the participants for racket sports14 of... And badminton places a great demand on explosive power38 medical issues, some which. Endurance are required to withstand the repetitive nature of striking the shuttle15 to be satisfactory comparison! Court or lawn game played with lightweight rackets and a shuttlecock training for example mass, fat levels,,. ( t = 0.7 ; p > 0.05 ), both in training and matches rackets a. And a shuttlecock support this website and body composition of a badminton player me to provide you with more badminton content body can not posts... A shuttlecock a couple of examples of why good nutrition, as well of must! Of striking the shuttle15 Correspondence Praveen Kumar Mishra Ph range for good performance male football and badminton players ’ and! And proportions, physique and body composition, physical growth, maturation and gro Praveen! Badminton and Table tennis players study should inform trainers, coaches and sport scientists in player. Carbohydrates and proteins use is permitted without written agreement from the right amount nutrients!

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